Hay Raker


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The wheeled hay raker is mounted on the four wheel tractor, the material of tine is 65Mn spring steel to keep durable. this machine has simple structure, convenient operation and reliable use, less failure and high efficiency. operation quality Maintenance is simple, dynamic performance is good. Both can hug grass, and ted the grasses. This hay rake could be used together with our lawn mower, it can rake the three grass swath which cut to be a even one that is helpful for the subsequent bundling work.

Working widthmm300040004800
Collecting width of grass 1-1.5
Diameter of tine plate 1460-1480
No.s of tine 468
Total weightkg200295345
Matched powerhp20-3030-5050-90
Linkage Three-point suspensionHay Raker