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Our History
The company was founded in 1994 in Dongguan, in the initial humble conditions, after nearly 24 years of hard work, in the continuous efforts of all staff. Now from the original single printing, update to the design, typesetting, printing, hot gold (cold and hot), compound film, die cutting, computer hole, coating and other manufacturers of the dragon. With the expansion of funds and the continuous improvement of technology, we believe that our company's excellent technological technology, advanced technology and equipment, strict quality supervision and management system, good quality service and accurate market price positioning will make our company steamed in the day and occupy front of the top of the company.
Our Factory
Our company is located at 222 East Road, Xian Sha center, Dongguan city (Dongguan car north station). Traffic is very convenient. It is a manufacturer specializing in the production of various special adhesive stickers, anti-counterfeit labels, internal standards, tattoo stickers, transfer stickers, cloth marks, hanging cards, instructions, computer paper and other printed products.
Our Product
Our products are mainly aimed at the registered trademarks and the instructions for the use of the products for footwear, clothing, handbags, chemical, electronic, daily chemicals, food, medicine, toys, wine, export trade and other industries, such as STICKER Stickers, hot gold marks, cloth marks, computer paper, hanging cards, manual, 3M double-sided adhesive tape...
Product Application
Used in anti-counterfeiting labels, clothing and textile industry, food packaging, medicine, electronic labels, daily life.
Our Certificate
Through the efforts of all employees, our company has passed the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification and UL security certification. No matter now and later, our company will strictly implement the ISO standard, strict quality customs, product after operation technician confirmation, product inspection conscientiously procuratorial, and finally the quality certificate by quality control can be produced.
Production Equipment
ZX-320 series batch PS version six color wheel, nine color full wheel, two, automatic coater, ZBS series five color full rotation flexo, full rotation cloth marking machine, imported four color label printing machine three, UV screen, WQM series automatic die cutting machine three, DK series automatic There are 2 sets of slitting machines and a series of supporting printing and plate making equipment.
Production Market
With the continuous improvement of production technology, it has gradually become the leader of label printing industry in Guangdong coastal area of China.
Our Service
Our company has customized design, production, sales and after-sales service team. Gradually realize the standardization, digitalization, scientification and standardization of enterprise management. It provides a strong guarantee for high-end customers who need to print beautiful labels. No matter the size of the order, it can provide one-stop label printing service. Looking forward to sincere reciprocal cooperation with you, we will present you the perfect answer with the dedicated service and excellent quality.
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